In case of overdose

Whatcom County Naloxone Pickup Locations

Call 911 if there are signs and symptoms of overdose and then use Naloxone if available.

Administering Naloxone (opioid reversal drug)

  • Nasal and injection kits are available to the public. The Statewide Standing Order to Dispense Naloxone (PDF) can be used as a prescription for naloxone. People may take this standing order to a pharmacy to get naloxone, instead of going to a health care provider to get a prescription. Find out more at:
  • Request Naloxone kits and access local overdose data and other information at
  • Get Naloxone/Narcan mailed to you for free anywhere in Washington State at
  • Some individuals are non-responsive after the first dosage. A second or third dosage may be required.
  • Observation needed-If you have administered Naloxone and revived someone, still seek medical help. The effects of an opiate may come back and cause death.

Good Samaritan Law helps protect you!